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Is an Essay Assignment Rubric Useful?

Stages in Writing an Essay Assignment

There are a few stages to writing an essay assignment that include:

  • Researching the topic
  • Defining your subject
  • Selecting your approach
  • Researching the input material
  • Writing the essay.

Your instructor might want to help you in some of the stages, but the steps are not too different. You’ve come to the right place if you are considering whether an essay rubric is useful. Read on to learn why you should use one in your essay writing assignments.

Types of Essay Assignments Written With a Rubric

Well, there are multiple ways an essay assignment rubric can work depending on the method used to assign points. However, given the above details, it becomes easy to understand that a rubric can achieve several purposes. If you want to write an overview paper without planning, then a rubric works best as you can understand the rubric parameters at a glance.

Another use is when you are recording information from a course you intend to take in the future. You can divide your work into segments that meet the rubric’s specifications. With such information, the instructor will submit a well-crafted paper that meets the expected grading criteria.

More often than not, most students combine a rubric and a survey method when completing their assignments. When recording information, the tutor often wants to know if you are consistent with the sources you’ve chosen to analyze. If you overlook some points, you might end up submitting an inferior assignment. Besides, a survey technique allows you to skip some data that doesn’t contribute to your overall score.

Writing the Introduction of Your Essay with a Rubric

When writing your essay’s introduction, you will know the kind of information you have to include and where to place it. First, look at the rubric before you start the writing process to ensure that you are familiar with the length and structure of the essay assignment. In some cases, you can opt to use a template to make the writing process much more comfortable.

Once you have a framework for your introduction, start by listing your sources for research data. Highlight the primary sources of your research and the the supporting arguments. Next, write a short bibliography that points to the previously-discussed information to give a paper uniformity. After that, come up with an intriguing heading that captures the topic sentence in the introduction paragraph.

Come up with one or two subheadings to elaborate the central theme of the essay. You can develop a conclusion if you are unsure of the kind of data to include in your essay. This is a critical stage for any essay assignment since you must convince the reader to take your idea of the subject seriously. As such, come up with a conclusion that captures the main idea.

In summary, you will know your essay assignment rubric’s threshold before you start writing. Use it to plan your paper and identify those crucial points you want to write about.

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