Sunday, July 25

Exhilarating exercise

Arguing for the sake of argument can either be a great exercise of one s capacity to reason or just an exercise in the capacity of another person’s patience – and yet it can be an exhilarating exercise of one’s ability to understand logic, and to get another person to see the side of an argument that was never considered in the first place can be a very powerful feeling. Since the creation of the Senate in the times of the Romans, debate and argumentation have figured greatly into the politics of all democratic and republican governments.

Debate became a requirement in discussing laws and oration became the sport of choice for the politicians.

Anyone who wishes to be great in terms of popularity and following needs to have the support of the people and for the most part being able to communicate well gets the people to believe. But not everyone is born with a talent for debate and so there are those who have to depend on others to say what they mean. This is not an uncommon practice and there are several examples of argumentative essays that many politicians have used over the years.

A good argumentative essay written by a ghost writer can bring in many benefits for the senator or the congressman who knows how to deliver a speech. There are many Examples Of Argumentative Essays that have brought about great changes in the history of the world and at one time or another, these essays have been published and spread across a certain area to convince people about the ills of a society.

There have been argumentative essays that have divided churches and toppled dictatorships.

There have been essays that brought changes in laws and have brought criminals to shame. Many things have been accomplished by being a good writer and a good speaker. Sometimes people just need someone else to tell them what they already know, to remind them of the things that need to be done in order for them to accomplish a common goal and a common good.

Words can be very powerful things and the ability to argue and the conviction with one delivers an argument through whatever medium can bring about unexpected change for as long as the piece finds the right avenue for communication. Whatever the topic and whatever the cause, the important thing with getting the point across is the delivery.

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