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Argumentative Essay

Examples Nowadays, many of the students do not have the time needed for writing complex essays and doing their research.

This type of essay is very hard to write when not having the basic knowledge about it. For this reason, students will now prefer to use an argumentative essay, for example instead of trying to write one by themselves. The argumentative essay is the type of text that defends a position, an issue or a controversy in philosophy, politics, science or social. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to defend a thesis on a specific topic. Examples of this is the texts reflecting these characteristics are essays, pamphlets and editorials.

In order to write argumentative essay examples, it is important to structure its text and arguments so that the reader can properly identify the subject and the presented thesis. It is essential to decide on the text’s structure before writing it. A list of possible arguments that are favorable to the thesis should always be used, reflecting on the question. Creating a writing plan takes time and that is why all ideas should be very well organized. Choosing the most important two or three arguments, a draft can be written treating every argument in a separate paragraph. Each paragraph is strictly referring to a certain argument, so that the reader has a clear view on the writer’s opinion as soon as he or she has finished reading.

If a student cannot find the proper information for his essay, he or she can use an argumentative essay example to help him or her find the information needed. However, the information found in an argumentative essay example should not be copied because it only serves as a guideline.

Many people think that writing an essay using an example is a bad thing because students are no longer working on their originality and they are wasting time trying to find the best example.

On the other hand, students believe that it is better to look for a good example to help them in writing excellent essays, instead of taking the chance in writing their own. Argumentative essay relates to topics that bring something to argue about. They text body is argumentative and evolves certain aspects which are favored by few and not by many. Argumentative essay examples can be given through topics like lesbianism, euthanasia, Sati system, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy and many other issues.

These topics are considered taboo among orthodox societies of the world.

If someone wants to write on such topics, then all the related facts, evidences and support in relation to the topics should be provided in order to give that topic a balance and support to make it argumentative. You must try to make the reader of the topic understand that whatever facts and evidences you have in support of your topic is true and has clarity. Your argumentative essay examples must have strong roots, to accelerate the argument. Writing argumentative essay/topic is something which does not bound to any limit. It may look an uncertain perseverance. As an example, suppose you are writing on teenage pregnancy, you can throw light on social constraints as well as health concerns of the girl, but it would be wise enough to go for just one aspect, rather than writing on all the possible problems related to it. Moreover, the facts in the argumentative essay examples must exactly match the theme or issue. The inputs of the ideas can be their but it should be in contrast to the facts and evidences.

In argumentative essay, both the negative and the positive aspects should be highlighted as the base of the argumentative essay. Argumentative essay examples mentioned above have some pros and cons. Without positives and negatives, the entire idea of writing the argumentative essay will be futile.

The inputs of the ideas are always welcome but nothing should be added which is not supported by the facts and evidences.

The conclusion part of the argumentative essay is most important one. Supported by the general facts, it must conclude at something which gives birth to new argument or at anything that neither supports positives nor negatives. The conclusion part should be unique and neutral. The neutral aspect of the topic will certainly not end the argument and will continue as the argumentative essay does not have any end. It would be too good for the writer to end the topic with its own opinion on the issue. The opinion which has supported the entire body of the essay can be an effective opinion.

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