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An opinion essay is basically when you express how you feel about something or somebody in written form.

When looking for an example of an opinion essay you should not have a problem as there are many students and academics that have strong opinions regarding many different matters.

A good example of an opinion essay is one that points out clearly what an opinion is being expressed about in the opening paragraph.

The body of the essay should elaborate on what has caused the writer to have this opinion. The closing paragraph should summarise what is felt.

Any example of opinion essay writing has no wrong or right when it comes to the persons personal perception on a matter, however all quoted material should be carefully researched to ensure that it is correct. For example, I feel that all the paintings by Smith are vulgar, has no wrong or right that is expressing your opinion.

Smith painted most of his work in the 60’s is factual and needs to be carefully researched.

It is always good when writing an opinion essay to remain balanced and express what the opposing faction feels as well for example, «Although I feel that paintings by Smith are vulgar, they are extremely were extremely popular amongst the Art Deco lovers of the sixties». Opinion essay writing should come easily to most people as we love having platforms to express how we feel about things. You may find the most examples of this when it comes to people expressing their feelings about their local politicians.

Academic fields in which you may find many numerous opinion essays are physiology and philosophy.

Remember we are all entitled to an opinion but back it up with good reason. «Because» is not a reason. Another important aspect regarding opinion based essays is that you should avoid becoming emotional. If you don’t like a politician because you went to school with him and he was the classroom bully you may let emotion get into your essay. Being objective and not bringing the past into things is always important. People may change so form your opinions on the now.

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